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WAGNER plant trolleys - simple but extraordinary

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Posted Mar 31st, 2016
by WAGNER System GmbH

"It is always the simplest ideas that have extraordinary outcomes" - Leo Tolstoy.

This statement by Leo Tolstoy could be a WAGNER motto. The book entitled "The Major German Brands", published by the respected German Design Council reveals the secret of WAGNER's success. Whenever a company develops a product, simplicity is the goal; form is reduced to the essentials, while function is sophisticated but universally understood. This success makes WAGNER the leading European brand manufacturer in its segment, with trade, industry and gastronomy customers in over 40 countries.

Clifton Nurseries Wagner Plant TrolleysFor hundreds of years, Black Forest folk have been renowned for their creative product ideas, such as the famous Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. WAGNER is extremely proud to continue this timeless tradition with the design of quality practical products such as their unique range of premium plant trolleys for indoor and outdoor use. These Black Forest classics are currently the top sellers of this leading European brand manufacturer.

Stylish Practicality

This simplicity should not, however, be equated in any way with 'unimaginative'. The simplicity is the result of fresh, extraordinary ideas whose implementation leads to the creation of unique products with a high usage value. At WAGNER, nobody is satisfied with the “that’s how it has always been” mentality. The company constantly thinks laterally, tweaks, tests, optimizes and perfects. It also invents completely new things that have never existed before. And the result?  Products developed at the WAGNER sites in Lahr in the Black Forest are items that everyone can use. Thanks to intelligent details, combined with practicality and style, they make life that bit more pleasant and include items such as unique furniture sliders, castors and wheels, furniture legs, doorstops, plant trolleys, mobile plant boxes and transport aids.

What makes the WAGNER brand so valuable? It is the trust of customers and their certainty of getting beautiful and practical products at a reasonable cost of a high quality. With up-to-date designs, these products are sustainably produced and checked according to strict safety criteria.Clifton Nurseries Wagner Plant Trolleys

Premium Plant Trolleys

This trust is exemplified in the design and quality of the extensive range of WAGNER premium plant trolleys for indoor and outdoor use. The impressive design ensures that these plant trolleys are more than just a practical aid for moving plants, it ensures that there is a plant trolley to suit every personal style and taste so encouraging the trolleys to be used as style accessories. The impressive quality ensures that these plant trolleys are robust, long lasting, hard wearing and practical. 

With the focus of both companies being so strongly based on design and quality, WAGNER are delighted to work with Clifton Nurseries in offering this excellent range of premium plant trolleys.

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