A blaze of colour with Poinsettia

The Perfect Clifton Poinsettia

22 Nov 2019

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a cheery Poinsettia!

Top Tips for your Clifton Nurseries Christmas Tree

Top Tips for Your Clifton Christmas Tree

22 Nov 2019

Follow our easy tips to keep your Clifton Christmas tree looking its best!

Clifton Nurseries Hedging Blog

All about Hedges

31 Oct 2019

Hedging plants and tips from Clifton Nurseries

Clifton Nurseries Blog Firepits

Can you feel the heat?

9 Oct 2019

Bring life, warmth and fun to your garden with our range of firepits

Top Tips for Planting Bulbs from Clifton Nurseries

Top Tips for Planting Bulbs

5 Sep 2019

Everything you need to know about bulbs

Clifton Nurseries - Be Healthy with Houseplants

Be healthy and happy with houseplants

5 Feb 2019

Improving your 'wellness' with houseplants

Clifton Nurseries Specimen Houseplants

Out with the old, in with the new

10 Jan 2019

Going green for January with Clifton Nurseries

Watering Tips from Clifton Nurseries

Watering Tips for Your Garden

6 Jul 2018

Using water wisely in the garden