Clifton London

Clifton Nurseries London - an idyllic hidden oasis

London's oldest and most beautiful garden centre

London's oldest and most beautiful garden centre
Clifton Nurseries London Hidden Oasis

London's Hidden Oasis

London’s oldest and most beautiful garden centre, Clifton London is a hidden oasis in the heart of Maida Vale, a stone’s throw from central London. Inspiring gardeners since 1851, Clifton London is an elegant gardening emporium with a rich history. Home to picturesque glass houses and packed with a rich profusion of plants, flowers, trees and accessories, this idyllic destination embodies garden style. 

Clifton Nurseries London Exclusive Shopping

Exclusive Shopping

Clifton London is a magical place to explore with a wide range of unusual plants decoratively arranged amongst delightful statues and ornaments. Be tempted by the beautiful range of garden accessories and browse our selection of quality home and garden gifts for that extra special little treat. You can count on us to offer you an exclusive shopping experience as unique as you!

Clifton Nurseries London Houseplants Glasshouse

Magical Glasshouse

Arguably the heart of Clifton Nurseries in London, the Glasshouse is a London institution within a London institution. This truly magical glasshouse is filled with the lush foliage and exotic flowers of a wide range of houseplants, as well as stylish indoor plant containers, all diligently maintained and presented artistically by our talented team – and all overseen by our much loved feline caretaker!

Clifton Nurseries London Shop

Charming the Senses

Whether sparkling with lights, candles and Christmas trees in winter, or charming the senses with sunshine, flowers and fragrances in summer, this unique magical place makes a stunning all-year round destination, with events and popup shops ringing the changes.  

Clifton Nurseries London Houseplants

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Alongside the increased focus on improving and enjoying our outdoor spaces and gardens, houseplants are once again back on trend and leading the fashion stakes. With a wider range available than ever before, and an increased knowledge of their health benefits as well as creative new ways of displaying them, houseplants are now one of the most desirable and stylish indoor accessories.

We delight in bringing you inspiration for the indoors - fashionable plants and foliage, stylish and in vogue - all carefully handpicked by our team.

From Dieffenbachia to Dracaena, from Cymbidium to Cacti, and from Schefflera to Streptocarpus, Clifton London houseplants department has them all. Located in the historical Glasshouse and oozing style and elegance, we offer a changing selection of inspirational top quality plants for bringing life to your home – alongside a boutique selection of stylish indoor plant containers for that sophisticated finishing touch.

With years of experience behind them, our creative and talented team artistically make hundreds of wonderfully styled indoor arrangements as gifts for special occasions or as stunning indoor decorations. They’re happy to design and create high quality arrangements for you – ensuring that you can bring the outdoors inside in your own special unique style.