Clifton Nurseries vintage garden ornaments

Vintage garden ornaments from Clifton Nurseries

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Posted Aug 7th, 2017
by Clifton Nurseries

Heirloom milk bottles

Our latest collection of pre-loved vintage garden ornaments, statues and sundries has arrived! 

Ideal for adding charm and personality to the garden, our buyers' latest haul includes milk pails, metal baths, ceramic jugs, heirloom milk bottles, jaunty garden gnomes and a whole lot more. 

Mix and match the old and the new to add some unique and style to your garden with these totally individual pieces.

Available only instore at Clifton Nurseries London - and visit soon because once they're gone, they're gone!

Pre-loved vintage garden ornaments at Clifton Nurseries


Vintage garden style from Clifton Nurseries

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