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Top Tips for Your Clifton Christmas Tree

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Posted Nov 17th, 2021
by Clifton Nurseries

Choosing your  Christmas Tree

Christmas decorations galore!Christmas comes but once a year …. so it’s worth celebrating with a decent tree! At Clifton Nurseries we stock premium grade Abies Nordmanniana trees (Nordmann fir) – renowned for not dropping their needles and for their symmetrical shape and soft needles.  Our Nordmann Firs are grown in Denmark in sustainable forests, where each metre of tree growth takes 3 years.

When choosing your tree remember to:

  • Measure the height of your ceiling! 
  • Ensure you have a Krinner tree stand - with their patent clamping mechanism and water reservoir these tree stands ensure easy installation and care of your tree – available from Clifton Nurseries
  • Buy your tree from Clifton Nurseries!

Setting up your Tree

Follow our easy tips to keep your cut Clifton Christmas tree looking its best!

  • If possible, saw off the bottom inch of the tree and soak it upright in a bucket of water for 24 hours.
  • Open up the top third of the tree netting before placing the tree in the stand – experience shows this makes it much easier to remove later!
  • Choose a suitable position for the tree (not in front of the radiator!) and erect the tree in the stand, ensuring it's stable before removing the netting.
  • ‘Fluff up’ the tree - flatten any branches, or if you have more patience, leave the branches to settle on their own.
  • Add the lights to the tree, starting at the top and working downwards - suggest about 15cm between rows but this obviously depends on how many lights you have. If in doubt buy more! Working with the lights on makes it easier to see the full visual effect.
  • Smother your tree in garlands - again working from the top to the bottom. Garlands can be tinsel, beading or ribbon and will help to cover the light cables. 
  • And now for all those lovely baubles and decorations! Beginning from the inside of the tree and working outwards, start with plain colours, hang larger baubles closer to the centre of the tree, and position the more expensive pieces towards the top. For a full tree, we recommend approximately 60 baubles for a 6ft tree and 70 for a 7ft tree. When positioning that stunning topper, whether it be an angel, a star or some other festive delight, just remember to ensure it's secure!
  • Don't forget to add water to the stand - and of course make good use of the vacuum cleaner with the tidying up.
  • And finally, enjoy a festive drink and mince pie while admiring the results of your work!

At Clifton Nurseries we offer a range of sizes of quality cut trees and potted trees, as well as all the lights, garlands, baubles and decorations you could never need. If you need any design tips when you visit, just ask for any of our Christmas tree experts! 

Potted and cut Christmas trees now in!

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