Resurfacing at Clifton Nurseries London

Sprucing up at Clifton Nurseries

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Posted Oct 17th, 2017
by Clifton Nurseries

If you've visited Clifton Nurseries London recently you've probably already spotted our team making a few enhancements to our much loved site. Blessed with such a beautiful and historic site we've been working hard to ensure that we retain the charming appearance and atmosphere for years to come, just with a few updates and tweaks!

Not only have we built a pocket show garden, updated all the signage, and installed new water features, but work is also now complete on resurfacing the main paths to make them not just more attractive but also safer for all of our valued customers. Resurfacing amongst the plants

Under the watchful eyes of our team (and of course our nursery cat!) the resurfacing work was completed in a few days with minimal disruption. While we didn't unfortunately discover any buried treasure or gold coins during the resurfacing work we did discover some old original York paving stones that had been covered up in previous decades.  We thank customers for their patience in entering the site by the back gate while the front gate was blocked off, and would just like to reassure you all that work is now complete and our site is looking even more beautiful than ever! Keeping an eye on the resurfacing work

........... and now we're refurbishing the toilets (but don't worry - there are alternative arrangements in place!). 

If you haven't visited Clifton Nurseries London recently we highly recommend a visit! 

Work complete - beautiful Clifton Nurseries!


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