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Spreading the cheer with Clifton Christmas Trees

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Posted Nov 17th, 2021
by Clifton Nurseries

Christmas is coming at Clifton NurseriesHere at Clifton Nurseries we love Christmas and we definitely love our Christmas trees!   As ever we've chosen to offer you a premium range of top quality trees, all of them Abies Nordmanianna (Nordmann fir)  – renowned for not dropping their needles and for their symmetrical shape and soft needles.  Our Nordmann Firs are grown in Denmark in sustainable forests, where each metre of tree growth takes 3 years.

We know that pretty much everything in life seems to be going up in price, so we're spreading some Christmas cheer by keeping the prices of both our cut and potted Christmas trees the same as last year. Same great quality and the same price!

Nordmann Firs - Cut Trees
3 - 5ft  £30
5 - 6ft £40
6 - 7ft  £60
7 - 8ft £80
8 - 10ft £125


Nordmann Firs - Potted Trees
60/80cm £37.50
80/100cm £45
100/125cm £55
125/150cm £65

Hurry along to one of our nurseries where our friendly team will be happy to help you choose from our range of sizes. 

Once you've purchased your tree follow our Top Tips for installing and looking after your tree to keep it looking good right through December. All you then need do is sit back, relax and enjoy it!

Potted and cut Christmas trees now in!

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