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Gardening begins with the Dream

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Posted Jan 28th, 2016
by Paul Cook

Don’t let the British winter be a barrier to achieving your aspirations when it comes to landscape design and construction. The thought that goes into designing and constructing your garden now will leave you ahead of the curve and able to enjoy the fruits of our labour come the warmer spring days when others will only just be starting to think about how they can enhance their garden for the spring and summer months ahead.

“Anyone who thinks that gardening begins in the spring and ends in the fall is missing the best part of the whole year; for gardening begins in January with the dream” - Josephine Neuse.

Here at Clifton Nurseries we concur completely with the sentiment of Josephine Neuse. Every great garden begins with a dream and, although it may sound clichéd, our aim really is to make your dream garden a reality.

The project starts with the design which may take on numerous guises. Perhaps you have very clear ideas and requirements and a meeting with one of our team will help you formalise these where we can produce a quotation or perhaps a plant schedule. You may know what items you wish to incorporate but require a design or perhaps some three dimensional visuals or planting images to define and expand on your requirements. You may wish to lean on us and our award winning team for inspiration and we would relish the opportunity to provide you with a concept plan that can be discussed and amended as required to reach your aims.

Clifton Nurseries Design ServicesOur professional team has a wealth of experience and individual expertise; qualified landscape designers, experienced contract managers, and skillful on-site teams. At all levels, and throughout all stages of your project, our aim is to make your experience effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. We preach the need to all of our teams to view all aspects from your perspective as our clients, to ensure that we are exceeding your expectations at every turn.

We really can extend your home into the garden and it doesn’t need to stop just because the weather is far from tropical. With outdoor firepits, modern or traditional fireplaces, awnings and outdoor buildings with integrated heaters, and even clever use of planting or screening to shelter you and your family and friends from cold winds, your garden really can become a space for year round use.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming ever more popular, and here at Clifton Nurseries we can design and construct your Fire Magic or Beefeater kitchen to suit your requirements.  The Fire Magic grills with marine grade stainless steel parts can be used year round and what better than a roast dinner (yes you really can cook a roast dinner on our grills) or some jacket potatoes whilst warmed by your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.Clifton Nurseries Outdoor Kitchen

We can produce full lighting and outdoor electrical schemes for you and supply suitable fittings to provide subtle lighting to enhance your garden and make it accessible on dark winter nights. The lighting can be switched on from your existing home system or we can even install a fully remote controlled scheme that can be operated from within your home via your smart phone. 

Water features take on a magical appearance in the cooler months with frost and a little ice glistening in the winter sun. We have the expertise to construct anything from an expansive lake to a simple self circulating feature, with stone, fiberglass, corten steel, glass and stainless steel just some of the many materials that we are adept at working with to create your ideal water feature. If you have an idea for a water feature but don’t know how to make it a reality please do speak to us and we can bring your ideas to life so you can enjoy the enchantment of moving water in your garden.Clifton Nurseries Water Feature

A garden is not a garden without plants and we truly are experts in this field. The fantastic range on offer at Clifton Nurseries, combined with a wealth of knowledge, ensures that we are able to specify and provide plants that will not only survive but positively thrive in a wide variety of locations and climatic conditions. Should you instruct us to supply and plant your garden all plants will be guaranteed for a full 24 month period subject to correct maintenance having been carried out. Should you wish us to plant a single tree, design and plant a planting scheme for your country estate, town house, or any other environment that you wish to enhance with the use of plants, then we have the teams to make it happen.

The winter is an excellent time to plant and many plants such as rootballed hedging and trees can only be planted at this time of year prior to warmer weather in early spring.

Here at Clifton Nurseries we love gardens but, even more than that, we love to create gardens that our clients adore with features and areas that can be used in a multitude of ways the whole year round. Don’t wait until summer has already started and is nearly over; take inspiration from the words of Josephine Neuse and contact us today to make your garden dreams come true.

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As Head of Design and Landscaping, Paul is proud of the show garden at Clifton Surrey which highlights many of the plants, products and skills that his teams use on a daily basis.