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Garden Furniture is Coming of Age

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Posted Apr 11th, 2016
by Alison Durnford

Long gone are the days when sitting outdoors in the garden or patio meant sitting on an uncomfortable classic bench fabricated from hardwood or cast iron. Garden furniture is finally coming of age!

With the advent of modern materials, exciting colour schemes, an increased focus on design and an endless variety of styles – garden furniture has moved on from just being functional and having a supporting role in the garden to now frequently being the main focus and leading design element in the style of an outdoor space. 

In addition to the traditional wood, metal and rattan, materials such as modern synthetic rattan and advances in UV stable acrylic fabrics have made possible the development of a whole range of exceptionally comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture, made for sitting and relaxing on as well as looking great. This has transformed modern perceptions of not only comfort in the garden but how colour and form in furniture can interact with plants and flowers to enhance and set them off.

Endless Possibilities for Luxury Outdoor Furniture

No longer do we just have the choice of upright chairs, deckchairs or sunloungers – the range of types of furniture is now endless and varied. Alongside the current trend of having ‘garden rooms’ within an outdoor space, many with different functions, so too are there now items of furniture for virtually every use and space in the garden.Clifton Nurseries Barlow Tyrie Monaco 8 Seater Dining Set

From Tolix original metal stools for sitting by an outdoor kitchen or bar, to George Smith Outdoor Chesterfield sofas for entertaining – and from the Alexander Rose Monte Carlo casual sets for relaxing in to the Barlow Tyrie Monaco extensive dining set designed for 8 people or more – there are now items for pretty much any purpose. And don’t worry – if you have a specific need or design in mind, you can always commission your own bespoke George Smith Outdoor piece through our design service.

Setting the Garden Style

Traditionally, garden furniture was something you either kept on the patio all year round or stacked away in the shed in the winter for putting on the lawn in the summer. Outdoor furniture was often just placed in a convenient position in an existing design scheme, usually just on a functional basis. Now, however, the entire style of a garden may be influenced, if not determined, by some core pieces of outdoor furniture.

Take for example, the exciting Show Garden at Clifton Nurseries Surrey. The iconic striking turquoise George Smith Outdoor Chesterfield sofas and vivid orange armchairs set the scene for the ‘living room’ end of the contemporary shabby-chic designer Show Garden, challenging you with both their strong design and their strong colour.  By contrast, the powder-coated stainless steel iconic Tolix chairs and stools blend with the shiny stylish Fire Magic outdoor kitchen equipment and zinc covered table, all contributing to the contemporary industrial yet stylish feel of the kitchen end of the outdoor space.

Clifton Nurseries Tolix Garden Furniture

Relaxing in our Garden Furniture

And to top it all – some of the ranges of garden furniture now available have enticing names, conjuring up images of holidays, relaxation and luxury. I would, of course, be delighted to show you around the extensive range of outdoor furniture at Clifton Nurseries Surrey, give you a guided tour of the Show Garden, and introduce you to our designers for specific advice about the style and design of gardens and outdoor furniture ….. but while you’re travelling here to our beautiful site I think I might just take a few minutes out to get comfortable and relax in a Barlow Tyrie Savannah Deep-Seated Outdoor Armchair   ….. dreaming of a safari holiday!

While I'm relaxing I can rely on the rest of our experienced professional team so just contact us now to book an appointment with our expert garden furniture consultants or with one of our designers.  Alternatively you can buy direct by shopping online from the comfort of your own home so that within a few days you too can be reclining in comfort in your garden! 

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