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Eat your Way around the World!

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Posted May 26th, 2017
by Alison Durnford

No longer do we need to queue at airports and suffer from jetlag to taste genuine outdoor cooking delights from all around the world. We’ve done the travelling (and the tasting!) for you and can now offer you a tantalising range of outdoor cooking BBQs, smokers, pizza ovens and firepits – all of which are guaranteed to produce tasty delights, all in the comfort of your garden or outdoor space. And being National BBQ Week, there’s no better time than now to fire up the BBQ and enjoy the fun and flavour of cooking outdoors.

Wood-fired Pizzas from Italian Pizza Ovens

Love a genuine Italian wood-fired pizza? Now you can hold your own pizza parties with the easy to use Italian AlfaPizza range of wood-fired pizza ovens. Since buying my trusty Ciao I’m suddenly the most popular friend and neighbour ever! They’re the easiest way of entertaining as all my guests just love to try it out themselves ….. and I’m happy to leave them to it!

Real Smoke and Real Flavour from American Traegers

Traeger Timberline 850For the real foodies among us, the mighty American Traegers need to be experienced to be believed. No longer is outdoor cooking a poor relative of indoor cooking –  the exciting Traegers transform ordinary meals into something completely extraordinary; wood pellet grills are the only BBQs to evenly circulate thick, smooth smoke which seals in a superbly aromatic wood-fired flavour.  And for aspiring foodies like myself these must be one of the most easy to use - especially now that Traeger has launched their WiFi app-controlled Traeger Timberline which is rewriting the rules about outdoor cooking, letting us control the cooking from the comfort of our sunloungers …. finally even I can produce culinary masterpieces!

Cutting Edge Char-Broil Technology

Also hailing from America comes Char-Broil – one of the oldest and largest BBQ brand in the United States. Many of the extensive Char-Broil range feature the cutting edge TRU-Infrared technology for the perfect cooking experience. This patented design not only prevents flare-ups and uses less gas than traditional BBQs, but still delivers the juicy and delicious taste often associated more with charcoal or wood-fired BBQs. The uniform heat distribution ensures that there are no ‘cold spots’, no sudden flames and delicious food that is enjoyed by everyone.

Classic Beefeater Favourites

As they say in Australia you can “Become a legend in your own lunchtime” with the quintessential Aussie Beefeater BBQs. These versatile BBQs instantly turn any garden into the perfect outdoor kitchen. With model options to suit everybody, discover the world of the outback legend, cook in style and impress your mates with delicious and tasty food.  With Beefeater you’ve got a friend for life!

Food Tastes better Outdoors!

Danish Design and Hygge

Heading back to Europe, bringing some classic Danish design to your garden is made easy with the Dancook range of kettle BBQs. Combine the magic of fire with inspirational Danish design, along with tasty outdoor cooking and relaxed entertaining with family and friends – and create your very own Danish hygge experience.

Sleek German Technology

And if you’re worried about the not quite so tropical English temperatures, the German range of Mercatus outdoor fireplaces combine precise quality German engineering with style and practicality for our climate.  Doubling up as a BBQ as well as an outdoor fireplace and heater, the sleek Mercatus is the ultimate party centrepiece for keeping any chills at bay.

Robust Classical British-made Firepits

I think every garden should have one of our classically British-made English steel firepits. Firepits tick all the boxes; they act as a central focus for gathering around, extend the use of the garden by keeping us warm, are ideal for authentic tasty outdoor cooking, and provide an ambience and atmosphere that’s hard to deny. The pleasure of sitting by a live fire in the evening, conversing with friends and watching the sun go down must rank pretty high on all of our wish lists.  


You can view our complete range in our online shop, view a limited range at Clifton London or view the wider range at Clifton Surrey. Give us a ring or visit us soon to meet our experts to talk through your choices – and just remember, you don’t need to settle for one!

................. and now I'm heading home to fire up my trusty Ciao pizza oven and enjoy another wood-fired pizza. Mmmm - I wonder what topping I'll try tonight?!


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