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Choosing the right pots and planters

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Posted Jul 28th, 2016
by The Pot Company

Choosing the right pots and planters and knowing how to use them can completely set the theme and style of your garden. Whether you want to subtly complement your property’s features or create a striking focal point, well-chosen planting is the key to success.

Here at The Pot Company, we’re extremely proud to work with Clifton Nurseries who offer a wide range of planter choices as well as an impressive array of plants. You can find many of our pots and planters at Clifton Nurseries but which is right for you? The answer lies in what you’re trying to achieve.

Unique Feature

Yakuta Water Jars at Clifton NurseriesClifton Nurseries Surrey branch stocks our beautiful range of Yakuta Water Jars, these are individually hand painted so every one is completely unique. These pots offer a range of stunning patterns and colour combinations and with sizes ranging from just 18cm to 160cm tall, they are perfect for a finishing touch or a real feature. 

Classic Entrance

A pair of timeless planters are the perfect way to dress the entrance to your property or garden. The Fibrestone Chelsea range is a faux lead design available in boxes, troughs and cylinders. This look suits the majority of properties, whatever their style, and this is an extremely durable option that will last for decades.

A Touch of Warmth

Terracino Planters at Clifton NurseriesThe classic Tuscan look of Terracino lends itself perfectly to a cottage style garden, the hand-finished warm and natural planters are available in a wide range of designs and sizes ranging from 10-100cm in diameter. Updated manufacturing techniques also make it an extremely reliable option. Its durable credentials, versatility and timeless look make it a popular choice amongst customers.  

Make a Statement

We’re so pleased that Clifton Nurseries are as excited about large planters as we are! It’s easy to put the wow factor into any space by pairing one of our large planters with one of their unique plants. Ironstone pots are salt-glazed to provide a warm and inviting appearance or you may wish to go for Old Ironstone which has a sand blasted finish for more antique pitted patina. Both of these ranges feature smaller designs to match the large pieces so you can mix and match to convey a coherent concept but create different areas.

Gone are the days of one or two pots and planter choices, the variety to choose from is vast, but the team at Clifton Nurseries are well equipped to ensure customers choose the perfect option to complete their garden.

Large Pots and Planters at Clifton Nurseries

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