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Can you feel the heat?

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Posted Oct 7th, 2020
by Clifton Nurseries

Cosy up with your loved ones under the stars by a crackling fire

Firepits tick all the boxes; they keep us warm, are ideal for tasty outdoor cooking, and provide an ambience and atmosphere that's hard to deny.  Who can resist sitting by a live fire in the evening with friends and family ....... and who can resist toasting marshmallows?! 

Built-in Firepits - Designed and Built by Clifton Nurseries

For the ultimate garden feature that will be the envy of your friends, why not opt for a built-in firepit? Perhaps with a purpose-built sitting area, and maybe surrounded by outdoor lights? With built-in firepits the choice of style and size is endless, as pretty much any building material can be used to complement or contrast with surrounding materials and styles. Although traditionally round, the shape too can be tailored to suit the available space.

At Clifton Nurseries we have an expert design and construction team who are happy to design your own bespoke firepit area as well as build the firepits for you. Contact our team for inspiration and assistance! 

Portable Firepits - Strong, Stylish and British

Portable firepits have a range of benefits including immediate availability, price, and ease of relocation around the garden to different positions. As with built-in firepits, the choice of options available is endless. We've enjoyed doing the research, and have eaten a lot of marshmallows in the process - all in the name of trying out the best firepits for our customers!  Having done the research we can guarantee that our robust and  stylish range of steel firepits and fire bowls will not only be immensely practical and functional but will also enhance any setting. Hand-made in the UK by skilled craftsmen, the British robustness and quality of these firepits and bowls is unrivalled. The majority of the firepits and fire bowls are made from 3mm thick steel while some of the larger bowls are made from 5mm steel.

Clifton Nurseries - Firepits

Specially designed accessories are also available including BBQ racks that cover just under half of the bowl, so enabling the fire to be regulated easily while also providing a large cooking area. And for when the party is over, flat covers are also available for placing on top of the firepit to ensure that the fire bowl is protected from the rain when not in use.

The firepits and bowls are delivered rubbed over with oil and will eventually oxidize becoming a deep autumn color. To revert to the original colour, simply brush them over with a wire brush and apply more oil. We advise cleaning and oiling the BBQ racks after every use. 

Visit our Surrey branch to view the range. 

Safety Tips for Firepits

As with any fire, safety precautions need to be followed including the following:

  • Position your firepit on a suitable surface such as stone, paving or gravel - well away from any plants or structures
  • Always use heat-resistant oven glove or BBQ tongs
  • Supervise children and pets at all times when the firepit is lit or is still warm
  • Ensure you have a supply of water to dampen down if required

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