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Watering Tips for Your Garden

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Posted Apr 3rd, 2020
by Clifton Nurseries

Love warm sunny weather but worried about your plants wilting and concerned about using too much water? Follow our watering tips to conserve and use water wisely so that you can watch your garden grow, with minimal effort, even during hot, dry spells!

  • If growing plants in pots, ensure you use large pots and more compost to conserve moisture.
  • Cover all your containers and borders with a mulch such as bark chipping or pebbles. This not only reduces moisture loss, but also discourage weeds. 
  • Improve the water retaining capacity of the soil by digging in manure or organic matter.
  • Install water butts to collect rain water
  • Remove weeds to prevent them from using up water.
  • Allow the grass on the lawn to grow a little longer before mowing, then raise the cutting height to 4cm.
  • Water late in the day to avoid evaporation losses.
  • Ensure you water the base of the plants directly so that the  water doesn’t run off.
  • Established trees and shrubs rarely need watering; save the water for new plants and those in containers.
  • If possible, install a drip irrigation system on a timer — contact our Clifton Nurseries landscaping team to get a quote for installing an irrigation system. (Please note that we've currently paused all landscaping work due to the current situation - but some of our team are working at home and are happy to quote you for a system and make arrangements for when the situation changes).
  • If possible, install a watering tube for trees and larger shrubs.

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