Clifton Nurseries Plant Care Guides: Succulents

Plant Care Guides: Succulents

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Posted Dec 12th, 2016
by Clifton Nurseries

Succulents are generally defined as plants with fleshy leaves or stems that can store water. Succulents evolved in the dry areas of the world and thus their basic needs relate to this environment. 

This plant thrives in strong light and will tolerate some direct sunlight. The light condition is critical during winter when it is essential to place the succulent in the lightest spot possible. 

The first requirement for efficient watering is free draining compost. From April to September, allow the surface of the compost to completely dry between watering. When watering during these months, ensure that all the compost is thoroughly moist. Use tepid water. Reduce watering in the late summer and after approximately the middle of autumn keep the succulent almost completely dry, watering it only every 2 months approximately. 

Average warmth from April through to September. Keep the succulent cool during the winter months since watering is reduced. Succulents housed on windowsills can be brought into the house at night if the weather is very cold and there is no artificial heat. 

Feed once a month with a liquid fertiliser only from April to September. 

Succulents should only be repotted in spring if necessary into a pot that is one size up. A shallow pot is more preferable than a deep one.

Clifton Nurseries Plant Care Guides: Succulents

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