Clifton Nurseries Plant Care Guides: Cymbidium Orchids

Plant Care Guides: Cymbidium Orchids

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Posted Jan 26th, 2017
by Clifton Nurseries

These are very popular and available in many forms. Cymbidium Orchids are long lasting and particularly in the case of mini varieties, easy to keep. Larger Cymbidiums are perhaps best kept in conservatories but they may also be kept in the house if given the right conditions. 

Provide a bright position but avoid placing in the strong, direct sun. 

Water well but make sure the plant drains thoroughly as they are vulnerable to rotting. Give less water during the short winter rest period. 

Temperatures in daytime of up to and around 20ºC (68ºF) are fine. Added humidity is necessary in dry atmospheres (avoid placing near radiators). Night time temperatures of around 12ºC (54ºF) are desirable, particularly in autumn, winter and spring. Good air movement is important when caring for Orchids, particularly during the summer months. Placing the Cymbidium in the garden in half shade provides the sort of conditions that will help the plant set new flowering spikes. The plant should be brought inside before frost begins and extra care taken to ensure the plant is not over or under watered during this period. When the plant has finished flowering, cut the old flowering stems back to the base of the Cymbidium. 

Feed the plants with ‘Baby bio’ or similar, every other watering during the growth season and a half strength during the shorter days. 

Repotting and propagation, via division, should be carried out from February to May.

​Clifton Nurseries Plant Care Guides: Cymbidium Orchids


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