Relaxing City Garden

The client's brief for the front garden of this imposing townhouse in Kensington was to create a garden with 'kerb appeal' to enhance the setting of the property and create a beautiful point of arrival. The striking main structure of this front garden is two linear granite water features. The water floods across the surface of the tables and then drops gently from one end, creating a wonderful background noise of trickling water. The water features are softened simply with large Ilex crenata balls and soft lavender.

Available space has been maximised in the small rear courtyard by using the wall for plants in the form of a luscious living wall.  A feature Japanese maple is precisely planted and framed by the window to provide a constantly changing scene throughout the seasons.

A stunning hand-crafted granite feature enhances the other side of the courtyard.  As the water moves over the surface, the water reacts differently to the changing surface creating a constantly shifting pattern. Lush foliage plants edge the water pool and seating area, creating a relaxing oasis in the heart of the city.

The insects and other wildlife are also catered for in this beautiful garden with the addition of a green roof for the bin cupboard.