Country Garden with a Touch of Los Angeles

This beautiful large garden in the heart of Surrey combines influences from the client's love of Los Angeles together with a touch of English romance. The long Haddonstone balustrade edging the pristine white patio accentuates that Los Angeles feeling while the garden, mostly laid to lawn but with design features extending out from the house, contributes the softness of English romance.

The significant features in the garden include a white wooden pergola planted up with David Austin roses for supplying that quintessential English feeling, a vegetable garden, magnificent topiary and two different water features. 

The topiary around the house brings a sense of grandeur to the garden as well as providing year-round structure - consisting of continuous Buxus knots accented with Buxus balls, large Carpinus columns and Taxus pyramids. 

Imported from Italy and bespoke made for the client, the magnificant water feature at the front of the house in the centre of the driveway represents a Swan's wing as it glides across the water. A second water feature at the rear of the property brings some classic style and elegance to the garden with a gentle rill flowing down to a bubbling fountain through regimented lines of full standard cubed Carpinus trees.

Not only did Clifton Nurseries have the pleasure and privilege of building this garden, but we also now have the pleasure of watching it grow as our gardening team maintain the garden every week to keep it looking at its best.