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Setting up Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

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Posted Oct 16th, 2017
by Clifton Nurseries

It’s feeling festive here at Clifton Nurseries London! The Clifton Team have been busy getting the Christmas Shop ready for the grand opening on Saturday 14th October. Our buyers have hand-selected unique items from around the world to make your Christmas one of a kind. With new exciting lines this year including Christmas crackers, stocking fillers, festive vintage pieces, Christmas decorations for the table and tree, Christmas cards and more …. not forgetting our sought-after exclusive Clifton Nurseries wreathes and Christmas trees!

Every day last week we added a sneak peek shot of the Christmas preparations to our social media channels showing the results of our team’s hard work:

DAY 1 of Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

Clearing the room and moving the stock in ... Oonce our Clifton Snowman had a skate of course! 

Clifton Nurseries Day 1 of #cliftonchristmas

DAY 2 of Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

New spot lights, unpacking some vintage goodies and posing with the cute reindeer decorations!

Clifton Nurseries Day 2 of #cliftonchristmas

DAY 3 of Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

Starting to arrange the room for the opening on Saturday - this is the fun bit! 

Clifton Nurseries Day 3 of #cliftonchristmas

DAY 4 of Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well done team, nearly there at this point – just a final clear up and a little bit more merchandising to go! 

Clifton Nurseries Day 4 of #cliftonchristmas

DAY 5 of Christmas at Clifton Nurseries

They’ve done it!  In 5 days our busy team converted The Fern House into a grotto full of festive delights and goodies - the Clifton Nurseries Christmas shop is now open so hurry along to Clifton Nurseries London!

Clifton Nurseries Day 5 of #cliftonchristmas

Grand Opening of the Christmas Shop

And not forgetting the grand opening ... in the absence of royalty, the honour fell to our Steve to cut the ribbon and declare the Clifton Christmas Shop 2017 now OPEN! Let the fun begin!

Open for Christmas!

Come and take a look at the festivities for yourself at Clifton Nurseries London!

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