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Fire up your BBQ for National BBQ Week

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Posted Jun 25th, 2021
by Clifton Nurseries

With National BBQ Week just around the corner (2nd to 11th July) and with the benefits of outdoor cooking and dining being more significant than ever, there's no better time than now to fire up the BBQ or pizza oven! 

We're happy to announce that despite the availability issues you read about in the media we do still have current stock of the majority of our range - but don't hang around, once they're gone, they're gone!  Visit our Surrey branch for our full range of BBQs and pizza ovens.

Char-Broil BBQs

Hailing from America comes Char-Broil  – one of the oldest and largest BBQ brands in the United States. Many of the extensive Char-Broil range feature the cutting edge TRU-Infrared technology for the perfect cooking experience. This patented design not only prevents flare-ups and uses less gas than traditional BBQs, but still delivers the juicy and delicious taste often associated more with charcoal or wood-fired BBQs. The uniform heat distribution ensures that there are no ‘cold spots’, no sudden flames and delicious food that is enjoyed by everyone. Our range of Char-Broil BBQs also includes a Charcoal model and the exciting hybrid Gas2Coal. 


Char-Broil Gas2Coal BBQ from Clifton Nurseries

Char-Broil Performance 220 S from Clifton Nurseries


Char-Broil Professional CORE B3 from Clifton Nurseries


Char-Broil Professional CORE B4 from Clifton Nurseries


Char-Broil Charcoal BBQ 3500 from Clifton Nurseries


Alfresco Chef Italian Pizza Ovens

Love a genuine Italian wood fired pizza? Now you can hold your own pizza parties with the easy to use Alfresco Chef range of wood fired pizza ovens ..... and we can guarantee you'll become the most popular friend and neighbour ever! They’re the easiest way of entertaining as guests just love to try it out for themselves so you can just sit back and relax .....

Naples pizza oven from Clifton Nurseries


Ember pizza oven from Clifton Nurseries

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