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Posted Sep 15th, 2016
by Clifton Nurseries

Alice Vincent, urban gardening expert and writer for the Telegraph, visited Clifton Nurseries London site earlier this month to master the art of planting bulbs. Paul Todd, in-house Gardener, was on hand to show Alice how it’s done.

Alice commented "I was on a mission……. to learn the dark art of planting up containers that, come spring, are fit to burst with meticulously neat patches of different kinds of bulbs. I’ve been planting bulbs in containers for the past three years now, and have had measured success in spring. But while my efforts lead to the occasional surprise crocus or half a dozen hardy tulips, the bulb lasagne – or process of planting a series of bulbs which bloom at different times to get the most out of one container – has always ended up, on my balcony at least, as more of a ready meal than a banquet. So it was down to Paul Todd to take pity and show me how it’s done."

If you would like to learn more on how to get the best out of your bulbs view the full article online at The Telegraph.

Clifton Nurseries - Bulb Planting for The Telegraph

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