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Bee Friendly to your Bees

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Posted May 11th, 2017
by Clifton Nurseries

With their brightly coloured stripes and fluffy nature our busy bumblebees are a massive part of our summer. Sadly our much loved bumblebees have been declining very rapidly in recent years, with losses up to 53% in Europe alone. With the changes in agriculture and removal of flowers over time we are leaving the bumblebees with little place to go. Fortunately however looking after the bees in your garden is nice and easy! Simply planting bee-friendly plants will help attract bees who will visit the blooms and pollinate the plants around you, making you and the bumblebees smile. Whether you have a large garden or a cute window box or balcony, planting bee-friendly plants will leave the bees ecstatic with your efforts!

Look after the bumblebees in your garden this summer with our range of bee-friendly plants:

  • Geranium species – Cranesbill
  • Erysimum species – Wallflower
  • Geum species
  • Sedum spectabile and hybrids
  • Allium species
  • Digitalis species – Foxglove
  • Fuchsia species
  • Lavandula angustifolia – English Lavender
  • Salvia species – Sage
  • Verbena bonariensis

Visit us instore at both Clifton London or Clifton Surrey and give back to our wonderful nature!

​Clifton Nurseries Bee-Friendly Plants


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