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Well designed gardening tools make gardening tasks even more pleasing. It’s hard to believe that the reason our backs ache from digging dates back to a time when miners would take their spades home and use them to tend to their vegetable patches - many moderns tools are still manufactured to the same proportions, more suited to mines than for our gardening.

We have fallen in love with the brilliantly designed tools from Sneeboer. They are classics that will last a life time. With body proportions in mind, the longer wooden handles put less strain on the arms and back. Being hand made from beautiful wood they are delightfully tactile to use too. The hand crafted stainless steel heads are incredibly strong and can tackle the toughest conditions. The clever people at Sneeboer have even thought to produce tools based on women’s proportions too. We have road tested the Sneeboer range and we don’t want to give them back!

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