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Gloster Furniture

Gloster is one of the largest international manufacturers of high quality outdoor furniture.

Gloster is traditionally associated with teak furniture, but they are also expert in the use of alternative materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and woven man-made wicker. Gloster is also the leading innovator and pioneer of 'Outdoor Lounge' technology.

Gloster offers the most diverse and comprehensive range of quality outdoor and indoor furniture available today.

Various international furniture designers such as Povl Eskildsen (Denmark), Mark Gabbertas (London), Edi & Paulo Ciani (Italy) and John Calswell (USA) collaborate with Gloster to design both individual pieces and entire ranges of furniture.

Gloster's product range can be sub-divided into four broad categories: Outdoor Lounge, Metal (Stainless Steel & Aluminium), Teak and Woven.

Please note all Gloster Items have a 10 working day delivery time.

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