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Gaze Burvill - Hand Crafted Oak Furniture

In 1992 Christian Gaze and Simon Burvill founded Gaze Burvill with the aim of creating the finest outdoor furniture, which did not have a damaging impact on the environment.
Gaze Burvill furniture is for people who enjoy the quiet pleasure of owning pieces offering exceptional comfort, lasting quality and timeless beauty.
The Oak they use, Quercus Robur and Quercus Petrea, is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and is widely recognised as being one of the most durable temperate hardwoods. As well as having strength and durability, oak is also the craftsman's favourite timber: it can be steam-bent into strong, graceful curves, has an exquisite patterned grain and, over time, will acquire a beautiful warm silver colour. If you want the finest wooden garden furniture from a sustainable source, then look no further.

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